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Emilie Kershaw

Intuitive Readings  

Transformative Life Coaching

Classroom Energetics


Emilie Kershaw

Emilie Kershaw is an intuitive guide who offers transformative life coaching, intuitive readings, and classroom energetics. She empowers individuals through inner voice, embodiment, and emotional release, facilitating personal and spiritual transformation. With years of experience and a passion for helping others, Emilie is dedicated to guiding her clients towards their fullest potential.

My work is to help people listen to and trust their inner voice. I offer intuitive insight, tools of embodiment and emotional release to facilitate transformation.

Emilie Kershaw

My Services


Intuitive Readings

My Intuitive Guide service taps into your unique energetic frequency, offering insights from your higher self. Through metaphors, images, and sensations, the guidance provides clarity, boosts confidence in your inner knowing, and guides you toward your true essence. This session is a journey back 'home' to your inner truth, offering support and direction for your path forward.

Transformative Coaching

A coaching session with me is intended to give you deeper insight into a new way forward, find your flow state and learn to trust your own inner compass. As spiritual souls in a human body, I believe that it is part of our time here on earth to test our free will, play with the possibilities in life and reach for the most liberated versions of ourselves! 

Classroom Energetics

My Classroom Energetics coaching combines my Montessori expertise with energy work to enhance social and emotional intelligence in educational settings. I empower educators, administrators, and students with tools for self-awareness, regulation, and efficacy. This service fosters personal and spiritual growth, creating a nurturing and transformative classroom environment.


"I give the highest recommendation possible for Emilie’s intuitive skills. The guidance she brought forth on a number of issues was exceedingly insightful, relevant, and gave me the clarity I was searching for. 

​Holly Copeland
Certified Human Potential Coach and NeuroMeditation
Instructor at HeartMind Alchemy

"Emilie is a gentle but confident guide to those who are seeking the space for meaningful reflection. She empowers participants to unfold in their own time and discover new ways of approaching whatever they are seeking insight into. 

Sara Miga
University Marketing Director

"Working with Emilie has been a transformative experience for me. I have made such progress in my career goals and I value the time we've spent together. As a working mom, the sessions are invaluable if you're looking for clarity, to learn more about yourself, your ambitions and set clear goals.  

NYC Attorney

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