Inner Truth is our own center of gravity. And while our truth lamp may seem small or dim, and might flicker when we need it, in the end it is irrefutable. - Toko-pa Turner



My name is Emilie Kershaw and I'm so glad we can connect here. I am a truth seeker and intuitive guide to life's inner questions. I am here to help you reconnect with your inner compass and uncover your own personal truths that make you the unique, special human that you are. Let's start this transformational journey together by leading with light and intuition! Welcome home to the real you.
If you are ready to step into life with all of YOU, please reach out.



In Their Words


Holly Copeland - 

Certified Human Potential

Coach and NeuroMeditation

Instructor at 

HeartMind Alchemy

I give the highest recommendation possible for Emilie’s intuitive and mediumship skills. In the session we had, she immediately tapped into a close relative with a very clear and unambiguous sign. Following that, the guidance she brought forth on a number of issues was exceedingly insightful, relevant, and gave me the clarity I was searching for. In addition, she approaches her work in a very professional, loving and thoughtful manner. I couldn’t recommend her more highly.


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