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Intuitive Guide, Transformative Coach, Workshop Host 

My work is to help people listen to and trust their inner voice. I offer intuitive insight, tools of embodiment and emotional release to facilitate transformation.

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The ability to see an underlying truth and understand it in a deeply, profound way

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I am first and foremost an intuitive. I interact with and navigate the world from a deep feeling place. I can uncover underlying truths that are often imperceptible to most. I hold a keen discernment of truth and bias. I formulate a clear and precise explanation of matters that may seem convoluted and complex. I offer new ways of looking forward and fresh perspectives on situations that can feel stagnant.

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What is the energetic patterning that you’ve relied on up to this point in your life? How is it serving you and where is it holding you back? Where are you thriving and where are you striving? Your body holds many keys and clues to the questions you ask. I will help free the answers from your physical form so you can gather the inner wisdom to make informed choices in life. While working with the energetic body, we will open and renew your energetic portals of the body to allow and receive a more vibrant life force energy to flow through.

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It is part of my mission being on this earth to remind others of how powerful they truly are! I am passionate about helping you rediscover and reconnect to the inner voice that resides within you. This inner voice of truth and wisdom is unique to you. It has its own resonance that is familiar and comforting to you. During our sessions together I will help you hone the skills of inner listening and awareness so you may feel confident in what you know to be true for YOU.

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Holly Copeland - 

Certified Human Potential

Coach and NeuroMeditation

Instructor at 

HeartMind Alchemy

I give the highest recommendation possible for Emilie’s intuitive and mediumship skills. In the session we had, she immediately tapped into a close relative with a very clear and unambiguous sign. Following that, the guidance she brought forth on a number of issues was exceedingly insightful, relevant, and gave me the clarity I was searching for. In addition, she approaches her work in a very professional, loving and thoughtful manner. I couldn’t recommend her more highly.


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