Isle of Skye, Scotland


I have always had a fascination with life's deeper questions. What are we here for? How are we all connected? How powerful are we? I am a lover of jumping into the unknown and seeing how far we can go. 

Since I was a child, I've had a strong connection to nature and my intuition. I've loved adventuring outside all my life. Nature always provides beautiful, simple metaphors to our most complex life situations.

For myself, nature and intuition are one and the same. I often receive my biggest breakthroughs and answers while on a walk out in nature. The peace we find in our natural environment can inspire us to explore inwards as well. Finding the same beautiful landscapes within. 

But there was a time in my life when I questioned everything and felt very disconnected from life. I dealt with a debilitating health crisis for many years which forced me on an inner journey back to the soul. This period in my life, although disorienting and difficult, became the best teacher in helping me understand how our intuition is always calling us back to the truth...that we are limitless!

My journey back to 'self' and my life-long curiosity to uncover life's mysteries has provided me a strong purpose to help others who are reaching for their full potential and want to embrace life as fully themselves. What an amazing gift for us to unwrap and give back to the world around us!