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During an intuitive reading I will sense into the energetic
field that surrounds you to receive messages of truth
from your higher self - the expanded part of you that
is free from ego and limitations! I receive these
messages in the form of metaphors, images,
sensations or words. 

The information that comes forth during our reading
will help you gain confidence in your inner knowing,
help you remember who YOU really are, and provide you
with clarity in your next steps forward.

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$150 online via zoom 


1 HR individual coaching session: $125

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Who is This For?
This offering is created for those who are in the midst of deep, transformational growth. Are you stripping away old layers and identities? You may be experiencing a pivotal period in life, feeling rapid change that can make you feel disoriented and unsure of yourself. You want to know how to reclaim your center and reconnect with your inner wisdom to guide your next steps.​

What is the Process?
I always start with the question, what is here now?  I trust the wisdom of your inner intelligence to show me which direction we are headed. The metamorphosis process never unfolds in a linear fashion. It is a unique blueprint for each individual.
I provide a safe container for you to explore your inner realms while holding the light to guide you back home to your essential self. I use my intuition to mirror back deeper truths already housed within your heart, waiting to be seen and uncovered.

1 HR individual coaching session: $125


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I am a Classroom Energetics Coach, combining my years of experience in the Montessori classroom and training in different energetic modalities to equip educators, administrators and students with social and emotional intelligence tools.

I embody the Montessori philosophy as a core pillar in life and allow it to guide my leadership and interpersonal connections.

Through workshops and trainings, I facilitate the development of self-awareness, self-regulation, and self-efficacy
within individuals and teams to develop more heart- centered
leaders in the classroom and beyond.
Reach out to set up an initial consultation in which I 
listen to the unique needs of your school or classroom
and create a specialized training or workshop aligned for you!

2024 Montessori National Conference Speaker
- "The Spiritually Engaged Teacher" -

Transfomative Coching
Classoom Engergetics
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