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Our business was founded on three main principles - quality, pricing and service - and we pride ourselves on our commitment to these principles each day. We provide outstanding service to every customer, and are here to ensure that all of your needs are met. Check out what we can do for you and get in touch with any questions.



Each of us transmits our own unique energetic vibration into the world. During an intuitive reading I will sense into this energetic field that surrounds you to receive messages of truth from your higher self the expanded part of us that is free from ego and limitations! These messages typically come to me in the form of metaphors, images, feelings or words. 

The information that comes forth during our reading will help you gain confidence in your connection to the divine, help you remember who YOU really are, and provide you with clarity in your next steps forward. I encourage you to prepare yourself with an open mind and open heart to receive the messages and insights that are meant for you at this moment in your life. The power of the present moment is where we have the power to change and transform both our past and future! 

Whether you approach the session with a specific intention or seek a feeling of well-being and clarity, an intuitive reading with me can bring you back 'home' to your truth and remind you of how supported you are on your path.

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Readings are $150 online via zoom and are approximately 1hr in length. 



1 HR individual coaching session: $125

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Who is This For?

This offering is created for those who are in the midst of transformative growth in life and ready to take the next steps in embodying their authentic life with their whole self. 

This offering is created for those who are in the midst of deep, transformational growth. Are you experiencing a stripping away of old layers and identities? You may be experiencing a pivotal period in life, feeling rapid change that can make you feel disoriented and unsure of yourself. You want to know how to reclaim your inner power and reconnect with your inner wisdom to guide your next steps in embodying your authentic self with your entire being!

Although transformation is a time that may bring about much discomfort and uncertainty, something deep down inside assures you that this journey is a sacred time…not to be missed! It can be an exhilarating adventure to create the most liberated, authentic version of YOU. I am so excited to be there as witness and guide along your journey.

Transformative coaching offers support and guidance through intuitive insight, energy healing and deep listening through a spiritual lens.

What is the Process?

Each session is slightly different since what is present for you along your transformative journey will shift day to day . That is why it is crucial for me as guide to hold the space with grounded, whole body listening to notice what is being revealed in the moment. I trust the wisdom of your inner intelligence to show us which direction we are headed. The metamorphosis process never unfolds in a linear fashion. It is a unique blueprint for each individual.

Before stepping into my spiritual and intuitive practice full time, I was a Montessori lead teacher for many years. I have embedded much of my one on one work with clients in the Montessori philosophy of, “follow the child”. This tenant illustrates the belief that all individuals know their way back to their true essence. I, as the guide, am there with you every step of the way to offer insight, intuition, channeled messages and guidance but never to influence who you are becoming. 

I, as guide am present with you every step of the way but never to influence who you are becoming. The unveiling will be lead by YOU!

During your unique transformational process, I hold space to allow for sensations, emotions and feelings to rise to the surface as the body and soul experience a cycle of death and rebirth. I provide a safe container for you to explore your inner realms while holding the light to guide you back home to your essential self. I use my intuition to mirror back deeper truths already housed within your heart, waiting to be seen and uncovered.

​A coaching session with me is intended to give you deeper insight into a new way forward, find your flow state and learn to trust your own inner compass. As spiritual souls in a human body, I believe that it is part of our time here on earth to test our free will, play with the possibilities in life and reach for the most liberated versions of ourselves! 

During our time together I provide you with support both in session and externally between meetings in order to encourage your momentum and foster self discovery.

1 HR individual coaching session: $125

All sessions include…

- Recorded Zoom Sessions

- Self-Exploration Questions

- Energetic Techniques for Release

- Intuitive Insight

- Recommended spiritual exercises & practices between sessions

Schedule your FREE introductory 30min session together to learn more about transformative coaching here:



As a workshop host I like to engage the group through experiential learning and embodiment, using breath techniques, meditation practices, visualizations and self-explorative questions. I conduct workshops both in person and online. Contact me with interest in hosting a workshop or collaborating together!

Heart Centered Workshop -

In this workshop we become centered in our hearts and use the seat of our heart chakra to lead us in love and inspiration through our daily lives and eventually to our deepest desires. We each possess a love inside ourselves that is powerful beyond our imaginations. All we need to do is call ourselves back.

Emotional Resiliency - 

In this workshop we create space for emotions in our lives and see them as an integral part of our experience without being swept up in the narratives they often create. During times of change and transition we can often feel at the whim of our emotional responses. Emotional Resiliency creates a balance of vulnerability and strength. 

Dance Embodiment

Now more than ever is a time to live from our bodies. To give ourselves permission to express our true and whole selves using all of our limbs and moving from our hearts. The Dance Embodiment workshop guides everyone through movement, rhythm and breathe back home to themselves where they tap into the body's intuitive connection with music and the beat of the drum. This workshop is intended for all bodies to take up space and find their own unique way of moving through the world. 

Your Intuitive Power

Please contact me to collaborate or hire me as a workshop facilitator or speaker for your group. 

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