During a reading with me you will gain confidence in your connection to the divine, clarity in your next steps forward and insight into your intricate connection to the universe around you. Readings are a combination of mediumship, intuition and soulful messages from the heart. 

Prepare yourself with an open mind and open heart to receive the messages that are meant for you in this moment of life. Whether you approach the session with a specific intention or seek a feeling of well-being and clarity, a reading can help call you back to your own truth and remind you of how supported you are!

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Readings are online via zoom. 



Who is This For?

The mentorship journey is created for those who are in the midst of transformation and ready to take the next steps forward in embodying their authentic life with their whole heart. 

Ready to Receive?

A mentorship session with me is intended to give you deeper insight into a new way forward. We will shed light upon the beliefs and narratives that have kept you in a static state and learn what can be let go of and transmuted in order to find your flow state. I will guide us along this journey using my intuition, personal experience and prompting self-discovery questions that will build trust in your own inner compass and empower you to embrace this sacred transformation. 

During our time together, I provide you with support and momentum forward during the entirety of our mentorship journey:  

- Ongoing support between sessions via Signal

- Recorded zoom sessions for your review

- Follow up self-exploration exercises between each session

Contact me for a free, introductory 30min session together to learn more about the mentorship journey here:


Heart Centered Workshop -

In this workshop we become centered in our hearts and use the seat of our heart chakra to lead us in love and inspiration through our daily lives and eventually to our deepest desires. We each possess a love inside ourselves that is powerful beyond our imaginations. All we need to do is call ourselves back.

Emotional Resiliency - 

In this workshop we create space for emotions in our lives and see them as an integral part of our experience without being swept up in the narratives they often create. During times of change and transition we can often feel at the whim of our emotional responses. Emotional Resiliency creates a balance of vulnerability and strength. 

Living Intuitively - 

As a workshop host I like to engage the group through experiential learning and embodiment, using breath techniques, meditation practices, visualizations and self-explorative questions. I conduct workshops both in person and online.

Please contact me if you would like to collaborate or hire me as a speaker for your group.